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Intel Series pt 6: “Kayak”


intel_skypekayak1e_0002_Layer 3

Our last one for the Intel series!  What a journey.

Starting out, we see a typical video conference.  Our high profile businesswoman is kicking corporate butt.  But then we reveal that she’s actually lakeside- using the power of Intel to convince her colleagues that she’s all business, but actually keeping a great work/life separation.  Neat!

Here’s the boards:


And here’s the final spot!


Finally!  Done with Intel!  I’ll take a small break and come back with new spots soon.  Thanks for hanging in there!


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Intel Series pt 5: “Replay”


intel_replay1e_0005_Layer 6

Here’s another in the Intel series- quickly executed shoot boards for an Intel campaign highlighting tech innovations in daily life.

This one’s silly- a dude gets hit in the face with a water balloon- a slow motion video captures the impact and aftermath- EPIC PRANK.  All that’s left is to edit and post it online for all to see!  Intel makes it easy.

Not too complicated- Here’s the boards:



And here’s the final spot!


One more to go!


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Intel Series pt 4: “Hello”

intel_hello1c__0000_Layer 1

Another quick one for the “Intel” series- a series of closeup portraits of tech users from all walks of life and points on the globe.  No matter who you are, your tech is as personal as your… uh, personality.  You unique thing, you.

The client had cast all the actors for the spot already, so these were quickly drafted from reference photos supplied by the client.  I think I did a pretty good job of quickly capturing their likenesses!


Here’s the boards:

And here’s the final spot!

The big noticeable difference between the boards and the final is the casting of the last actor in series- they switched it up from a techy “Zuckerburg” type character to a foxy hip urbanite of multiracial ethnography. Oh Snap!

Thanks, stay tuned for more!



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Intel Series pt 3: “Drone”


intel_drone1e__0005_Layer 6

Lost in the woods?  Panicked for your life?  Hunted by bears?  No worry, Intel is there with a superintelligent rescue drone to track you by your heat signature and lead you back to civilization- capable of dodging trees in it’s path as well.

This board continues the Intel Series I knocked out a while back- shoot boards for 6 separate spots, all drawn in a day and a half.

I like the panicked shots of the hiker in my boards- seems like it got tamed down a bit in the final version.  See for yourself!

Here’s the boards:

And here’s the final spot!

More to come!


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Intel Series pt 2: “Cliff”


intel_cliff1e__0008_Layer 9

Just a quick post today – I’ve got quite the backlog of great boards waiting to go up but I have been too busy to make posts!  So I’m just going to kind of rush through the rest of the “Intel” series- after all, I did them all in one day (practically) and no reason to draw them out for all eternity.  Looking back, I like the loose style I drew them in.  Necessary, for the tight turnaround.

The director for all these Intel spots is a longtime regular client, and is always very clear on specifying exactly the shot he needs to tell the story- so it’s no wonder the boards look great and so does the final spot.  A little preplanning goes a long way!   And even so, there’s always some sort of surprise on the day of the shoot, so it’s fun to see the differences from the boards and the final spot.

Here’s the boards:

And here’s the final spot!

Simple concept, strong execution.

There’s 4 more “Intel” spots to go.  I’ll try to get the rest up before next week.  Got a lot of great stuff to come after that!


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Intel Series pt 1: “Plunge” featuring the Peak fitness watch

intel_plunge1d__0003_Layer 4

Another great spot I storyboarded for my clients at Slim Pictures.  These is an Intel commercial but focused on their integration with the latest offerings in computing wearables- called out in this case as the Peak fitness watch.

In this spot we chase our Heroine through a densely wooded northern California forest- tracking, panning, pushing through the ferns and keeping up best we can as she pushes herself harder and further- checking in with her fitness watch to get the latest info on her heart rate and target BPM- she’s almost there!  She rallies and reaches her “Peak” at the same moment the forest clears from view and she plunges into a cool lake 3 stories below… taking us along for the ride!

Here’s the boards:


And here’s the final spot:

I had to execute these boards quickly, of course (this was among five other spots of theirs that I was boarding that day- hence the roughness), but I feel I did a good job of capturing the feeling of intense determination that ultimately came across so clearly in the final spot.  It always helps when the client is additionally able to supply a wealth of location photos so that I can know for sure that I’m drawing the trees, paths, and cliffs with all the accuracy they need to unify the director’s vision among the production team.  It’s a great feeling to put my skills to such practical use.

See you next time!

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