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Proactiv+ Commercials

Man, pimples suck!  I still get pimples now and again, and I certainly had my fair share in high school.  Maybe it was all the soda and doritos and taco bell… nah…. Enter Proactiv+.  It’s the skin clarifying formula we’ve all been waiting for!  And it’s endorsed by mega-artist Adam Levine, among others. So this …

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John Deere : Gator – Storyboards

You’re a manly man, and you need a manly ATV to help with all your manly tasks.  John Deere’s Gator is for you. I worked on this project late in 2013 as I was moving into my house- I remember that time vividly as it was extremely cold in my workshed studio and I didn’t …

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Corvette Stingray Storyboards – “Machine”

I love doing car commercials- I feel like I draw cars well, and quickly.  Well, my speed was put to the test when I was called to board this commercial. These are “shoot boards,” meaning these are the last draft of the storyboards before shooting starts. Often they are hurried, and rough, because at the …

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Defiants 4×4

Having worked on both, I never cease to marvel at how car commercials are strikingly similar to toy car commercials.  They seem to need all the same kinds of shots, and both refer to each other, because many toy cars are sold on their “realism” and many cars are marketed to adults craving fun and …

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Alamo: Meet the Getaways

Just a quick post today.  Here’s a campaign I worked on at Brand New School a few months back and has been recently been airing:  Alamo: Meet the Getaways.  You might have seen them! And check out the other three spots here: http://www.brandnewschool.com/Projects/DesignAndAnimation/MeetTheGetaways And here’s the storyboards! So while the boards themselves were not challenging (very …

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Hockey meets Honda

Earlier this year I worked on a Honda commercial that featured hockey stars Nicklas Lidstrom and Corey Perry.  In the spot, the athletes leave the sports arena and head to their Honda Pilot.  Once inside, they are shocked to find hundreds of hats falling (as happens when an athlete scores a hat trick; 3 goals) …

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