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AT&T “Market Mishap” Storyboards!

A while back, I got called in to my good clients at DirecTV (now AT&T) to work on a spot for their Adworks campaign- a commercial about commercials! How funny!  But really, it makes sense to make sure your advertising dollars aren’t going to waste, right?  That’s why you hire ‘Ol Maxy, right? and then …

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“One Day” CSU Online Plus

Whatever your thoughts on the for-profit school system, their services need advertising like any other.  These commercials usually fall somewhere between the “Do YOU need an attorney?” commercials and the “But I cant AFFORD car insurance” commercials in the typical daytime TV commercial break.  “Get YOUR career cookin! at the Center for Culinary Arts!”  Yeah …

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Years in the making… Lost Treasure Hunt

In the early stages of my career (my “faking it” phase), I advertised my services on Craigslist and got involved with all kinds of fun projects that never amounted to anything. I’m proud now to say that Lost Treasure Hunt, a project from those Craigslist days, has developed to a point that it has top-grade …

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Qatar Foundation – Pitch

Behold, another set of pitch boards for a commercial that wasn’t awarded.  You might be thinking, “Wow, you had a bit of a losing streak, huh?” Actually I pull these samples arbitrarily from past work as it “ripens” for posting, so there really was no streak per se, but I think it’s also a learning …

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Nathan Fowke’s Online Charcoal Portrait Drawing Class

A couple of weeks ago I wrapped up Nathan Fowke’s Online Charcoal Portrait Drawing Class, taught (of course) by Nathan Fowkes (Fowkes, as in cow, as in moo) and offered through the good folks at Laafa.  You can learn more about Nathan elsewhere, but let me take a moment to say that Nathan is the best art …

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