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“Date Night” Storyboards



Here’s a quick sweet little project I boarded a while back – one of those synergistic multi-product subtle mega-mercials masquerading as a network PSA – tips for a fun “date night!”

Here, a couple starts out there morning routine as usual- but then in a moment of whimsy, it strikes them to spice things up a bit and go on an impromptu date night!  All with the help the Hallmark Channel’s suggestion of a “Date Night” jar of fun date activities, and of course, great products from Proctor and Gamble, like Crest toothpaste and Pantene hair spray.

They dress their best, pick from the date night jar, and the winner is: ‘Rent a Convertible and Buzz up the Coast for some Seafood!’  Sounds like fun!  Here’s the boards:


What I like most about these boards is the great way I pulled off a natural depiction of the “everyday couple.”  The first couple frames of the pair brushing their teeth, being casual/typical/routine, and then simultaneously coming to the same notion- “are you thinking what I’m thinking?”  Blowdrying their hair, picking out clothes, checking their makeup- it’s really important to be able to convincingly draw the normal, everyday stuff, and making it appealing, and I was lucky to have this practice.

I don’t know if they ever did make this commercial, so I don’t have the final vid to show you either way, but no biggie, it’s all about the boards anyway!  See you next time!


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Labatt Blue “Epic” Storyboards

WakeBoard_1a_0000_Layer 1

I had a good run a couple of years ago getting hired to draw storyboards for an ad campaign for Labatt Blue, a Canadian Beer brand.  They have a Bear character (just an actor in a bear suit) who is their Party Champion – a “Duff Man,” if you will- who shows up at opportune moments to take the party to the next level- and make it EPIC.

I think I’ve detailed before that I prefer commercials that don’t rely on dialogue or voiceover to convey the narrative- and so it is in these commercials that all the entertainment and message is contained the fun, active, silly visuals.  In this campaign, I was called to draw sexy girls, sports, action, humor, nature, and of course, beer.  It was very fun.

Spot 1 – “Wakeboard”

WakeBoard_1a_0010_Layer 11

Here’s the first spot!  For all the spots, we start on a great beer/branding lineup.  Always good to have some clear branding, but it comes at a cost- it clearly shows the viewer that they are watching a commercial, which is often something we’re called to make less obvious- but owning it upfront and then making a spectacular entertaining spot immediately follow is also a great strategy- either way, your mission is to keep them watching for what happens next.

We open tight on a lineup of the Labatt Blue beers, which are lifted from frame to reveal an awesome wide shot of a beautiful blue lake, and sport boat with wakeboarder coming right at camera- after a series of tight shots of boating and boarding, we reveal the Bear in a frozen epic moment superimposed with the message “Get Undomesticated”.  This is their slogan/call to action/mnemonic – a brand message to reinforce association and clarify intent- this beer is for wild and crazy Canadian party animals and the sexy girls who love them!

We see more shots of extreme wakeboarding skills, and some party shots, and it’s on!  Labatt Blue is the choice of the truly undomesticated.  Here’s the boards:


And here’s the final spot!

Spot 2 – “Pond Hockey”

PondHockey_1a_0011_Layer 12

We open tight on a lineup of the Labatt Blue beers, cold as ice, which are lifted from view and reveal a frozen pond- and a bizarre sight- a bear in hockey skates and stick doing perfect puck handling and closing in on us- it’s our Bear hero and the message is clear – Get Undomesticated.  He crashes the pond hockey game and single-handedly schools the other players, deft skills outclassing these hopeful amateurs.  He shoots, he scores, they celebrate!  It’s a hot time on the cold pond tonight! Here’s the boards:


And here’s the final spot!

Spot 3 – “Dune Buggy”

DuneBuggy_1a_0023_Layer 24

We open tight on a lineup of the Labatt Blue beers, which wipe frame, revealing our dune buggy race- a sexy flag girl starts the race and they’re off!  We have fun action shots, quick cuts of dune buggy racing action, and we catch a frozen moment glimpse of the absurd- the lead buggy is driven by our hero, the Labatt Bear.  He wins the race, the crowd goes wild, and it’s a fun, sexy part to celebrate right after.  Win!  Here’s the boards:


And here’s the final commercial – or at least, it would have been here- I can’t find it online, and I’m not sure if it was even made, or made but never posted, or posted but then removed.  Probably the latter.

Sometimes things get muddled after the fact – as an example, limitations on music licensing, or perhaps more likely, revised guidelines on advertising standards and practices, or perhaps most likely, maybe it was “tested” by a focus group of viewers, and tested poorly, for whatever reason, and thus was cut.  It happens all the time, and it’s expected.  I’m only speculating, but maybe it was a bit of a conceptual reach to go with the Baja Beach / Sand Dune scenario- its kind of a disconnect from where you would normally think a Canadian Bear would spend his free time.  So, maybe someone had a concern that this spot wasn’t as relatable to the target demographic as the other spots were.  Just a guess!

Thanks for reading!  See you next time.



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Intel Series pt 5: “Replay”


intel_replay1e_0005_Layer 6

Here’s another in the Intel series- quickly executed shoot boards for an Intel campaign highlighting tech innovations in daily life.

This one’s silly- a dude gets hit in the face with a water balloon- a slow motion video captures the impact and aftermath- EPIC PRANK.  All that’s left is to edit and post it online for all to see!  Intel makes it easy.

Not too complicated- Here’s the boards:



And here’s the final spot!


One more to go!


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Birchbox: Better Way

We live in a pretty fascinating time- one needn’t even leave their home to shop for the rarified necessities!  The selection available to us online is infinite, and it’s up to operators like Birchbox to curate the best of the best and bring it to our doorsteps.  Meanwhile, the “old guard,” if you will, are getting a little desperate to make a sale.  Best to simply run from them and slam the door on their backwards salespitches.

I did these boards for my great clients at Ammirati– they were kind of pitch boards, actually, and so there was just enough time to make them look very nice and present to their clients, and looks like they sold the idea!  See, some things you can’t sell on the internet.

Since they were pitch boards, there are only a few of them, but kind of fun to see how well they sell the story!  Enjoy.


Thanks for stopping by!

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Clorox to the Rescue

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of doing a BUNCH of shoot boards for my clients at 29 Black on their Clorox spots, among other things.  Four spots in total, and they are pretty simple, so not much explanation needed, but they all go along with the theme of “Your house gets messy and Clorox is there to help.”  We set the scenario- a typical family scene breaks down into messy chaos, and then our hero Parent swoops in with hero Clorox Product to solve the situation- with some charming color commentary and a nice product shot to finish it off.

In our first spot, “Big Meal, Big Mess,” we see our Hero Mom and Son realize the folly of a home cooked meal… the horrible kitchen mess!  But never fear, a few swipes of Clorox Scrub Singles and the counters are as good as new.  My boards first, then below those, the final spot.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.57.30 PM copy



Here’s our next spot, “Hair,” starring our typical hopeless Mr. Mom type fellow- poor thing, just can’t keep up with the household dusting, and all the animals running about shedding layers of hair.  Well, Clorox Triple Action Dust Wipes are just the thing to mop up all that disgusting hair.  One less thing for the missus to complain about.

Here’s the boards, then the final spot.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.10.26 PM



And here’s another spot, “Cooking and Cleaning.”  Momma loves baby- even covered in baby slime.  Doesn’t mean she has to tolerate it on her kitchen surfaces, though.  Couple pumps of the Clorox Pump n Clean to the rescue.  Even baby likes it!  Boards first, then final spot below.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.15.47 PM



Here’s our last spot- “A Family of Five.”  Tough to clean those toilets with so many people trying to poop at the same time- that’s why Mom sneaks in while the brood grooms their hair.  Very clever of her.  I remember this spot being a little tricky to block out because of the narrow shooting space and the mirror- obviously you can’t shoot into the mirror unless you are willing to fix that in post (you’ll see the cameraman otherwise).  So you invariably have to bias the angle off to the side a bit, and I also staggered the kids a bit on the side angle, so they wouldn’t screen each other.  Of course, I could only guess what things might look like on the day of the shoot- I remember the original casting called for an older sister, but they look almost the same age in the final spot.  Looking at it now, I think they made a good decision to put the girl closest the to mirror, on the left; it looks good the way they shot it.  In both cases, I remember that, although definitely a subtle detail, we knew that it was best to put the boy closest to the toilet.  Why that should be a rule, I suppose, is debatable, but it was just one of those things… some things are just accepted as natural and thus we reenact them faithfully in advertising.  Boys don’t mind icky things, I guess.  Boards, then final spot below.


Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 4.20.57 PM

Thanks for stopping by!  More boards next week.

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Dude, Draw My Car

Here’s a fun commercial I did for my great clients at Bark Bark– A great opportunity for me to draw high energy classic car action!

Turtlewax_2d_0000_Layer 1

In this spot, we see two young men tooling around in a classic Camaro- living out their personal Fast and Furious fantasies- After lots of quick action cuts and inserts, it’s time to bring the ride back and give it a shine up.  They lovingly and expertly apply the Turtle Wax ICE- giving it that better-than-new shine- but just then they look up, and quickly put on their detail technician hats- the REAL owner of the car has arrived to pick it up from the detailers, and drives it away satisfied and unaware the extent the detailers have “appreciated” his business.  We toyed around with a “stinger” ending wherein, right as the detailers are certain they “got away with it,” the car owner stops and returns to them an item they accidentally left behind.  I liked that idea- more humorous- and develops the character of the owner a bit, since he plays it cool and doesn’t react negatively- but looks like it got cut out of the official version, and we thus we end on a fist bump, which I also drew an option for.

Here’s the boards:


I only had one day to draw this spot so I made sure to stay on target with my turnaround time using the great program Sketchup to download a free 3d model of the hero car and used that to reference the specific angles that were called for.  It’s a great shortcut when accuracy and time really matter (and they always do!).  You can’t always just rely on google images to provide the reference angle you need, so you gotta step it up and make your own sometimes!  Also, note the little details of how the car gets “dirtier” as the drive it around in the first half of the spot.

And here’s the final spot!

Looks pretty good!  See you next time!

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