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McDonalds Tuscan Salad

Posted: 27th September 2011 by maxforward in B&W, Females, Food, Vehicles

So this is a storyboard that was fun to work on.  This production company uses a lot of new visual effects in their storytelling, and in this case, they used a projector to display the images of Tuscany on the walls.  Not looking for realism, it’s a very whimsical approach and it works well.  Here, […]

Typical Storyboard Artist… Not

Posted: 26th September 2011 by maxforward in Storyboarding

Awesome! WordPress now lets me Write on my iPhone with the screen sideways. So, in this pic you can see my storyboarding rig. That’s an old ciniq 20wsx that I draw on. Had it for about 4 years. Not without it’s flaws, but I draw on it everyday, and despite it’s size, haul it to […]

Toy Story 3 Playset

Posted: 26th September 2011 by maxforward in Uncategorized

Here’s a few color storyboards/concept boards I did for the Toy Story 3 toys. They show the playset from a variety of angles and basically showcase the toy’s features and accessories.  They gave me the actual toys to use as reference so as to make sure even thing was as accurate as possible.  Toy commercials […]

PacSun – “Dress Irresponsibly”

Posted: 24th September 2011 by maxforward in Apparel, Females, Hip, Males, Samples, Skating, Storyboarding

Here’s a great commercial that I storyboarded a few months ago- I figured it’s no big deal to post it since it’s already come and gone on the air.  Worked at home and just uploaded the boards directly to the client.  I was fortunate to have a director that really had a cohesive shot list […]

“Freschetta” Storyboards

Posted: 23rd September 2011 by maxforward in B&W, Females, Food, Samples

Here’s some boards I did a while back- a competitive pitch for “Freschetta,” a neat new frozen pizza product.  Our heroine struggles to find the right frozen pizza, and is magically whisked away to a land of fresh ingredients.  At the tail end are some random alternate frames that I included to give the director […]

Working’ late

Posted: 22nd September 2011 by maxforward in Storyboarding

Trying out this cool remote blogging thing via my iPhone. I’m onsite, the director is showing my boards to the creative director, and in a few moments I’ll know if I’m done for the day or if I’ll be scrapping the last 8 hours of work and starting over from scratch. Fingers crossed. Below, a […]