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Storyboarding Onsite

Posted: 6th October 2011 by maxforward in Uncategorized

I’m doing a lot more onsite work than I used to.  I take that as a good thing, but it’s never fun to slowly wade through LA traffic twice a day.  Oh well.  Used to be that I almost never met my clients, and would work from home over the internet.  Now I work onsite […]

Pitch Boards for an Awards Show

Posted: 4th October 2011 by maxforward in B&W, Pitch Boards, Set Design

Even infomercials have a standard of excellence, and here are some pitch boards I did for a client who was bidding to produce the Diamond Awards, where they hand out awards to nominees like Snuggie and P90X.  They were necessarily drawn larger than typical storyboards and maybe more detail.  I’ll discuss the vague differences between […]