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“Monopoly” Lottery

Posted: 7th December 2011 by maxforward in B&W, Humor, Males, Samples

Here’s a fun series of boards. Kinda wacky.  A “Monopoly”-obsessed man comes home and plays the lottery.  His whole life revolves around monopoly…  Some pretty funny visuals in here.  I think I did a pretty good job of drawing the oversize monopoly pieces.

UFC Sketches

Posted: 3rd December 2011 by maxforward in B&W, Males, Pitch Boards, Samples, Sport

I have a couple clients who come to me for sketches to help sell their ideas for print ads.  I’m happy to say these tend to be the kind of ads that are fun to draw- masculine themes, basically: beer, brawling, boobies.  This time, the client was pitching an ad for UFC.  Two fighters squaring […]

Quick Little Post- Target

Posted: 2nd December 2011 by maxforward in Apparel, B&W, Females, Pitch Boards, Set Design

I’ve fallen out of habit on updating this site, but I’m gonna try and get back into it. So here we go! In early 2009 I would sometimes go out and do storyboards for a company called Schematic- another motion graphics company.  These places are full of designers and normally places that are full of […]