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Hotwheels “Immersion” Pitch

Posted: 31st January 2012 by maxforward in Action, Color, Kids, Pitch Boards, Samples, Storyboarding, Toys, Vehicles

  So, these are some great storyboards I did for a Hotwheels bid, the concept being that at first, we don’t know that this is representative of a toy car fantasy, rather it appears to be a real car in the most extreme adventure scenarios, and at the end it is revealed to be the […]

British Red Cross – PSA

Posted: 3rd January 2012 by maxforward in B&W, Females, Samples, Storyboarding

Here’s some storyboards for a PSA for the British Red Cross, about … not drinking?  Drinking but not to excess?  Don’t leave your friends when they’re blackout drunk?  Or when your friends are blackout drunk, turn them on their side before you abandon them so that they don’t choke on their own vomit…. that’s it, […]