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[singlepic id=594 w=320 h=240 float=]   Well well well, Its been almost a year since I worked on these Old Navy spots and so it’s probably ok to talk about them now.  For those of you who don’t watch TV (the only excuse you might have for not seeing these ubiquitous commercials), these Old Navy […]

K-Pow!! Zing!! Baff!

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More comics!  So, this month (December) my artwork will be included in Heroes of the North: CODA – Omnibus #3!  It’s a collection of stories, with a bunch of artists contributing, and I’ve done a little two-pager for it.  I’m excited to finally be in real print.  I poured my skill into the work and I’m […]


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So here’s a commercial I worked on back in April.  I usually like to wait a while before I consider it “safe” to discuss a project on this blog, because, well, it’s not a good thing to release production artwork before the commercial airs!  And even though I didn’t see this one air, I know […]