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Free Professional Commercial Storyboard Template

I’m feeling generous! It’s a great day to give back to the community. Wait, what day is it? Anyway, the time has come for me to provide something of utility to the young storyboard artists out there. I have for you, for FREE DOWNLOAD (it’s on the internet, after all), my personal, made from scratch, …

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Nathan Fowke’s Online Charcoal Portrait Drawing Class

A couple of weeks ago I wrapped up Nathan Fowke’s Online Charcoal Portrait Drawing Class, taught (of course) by Nathan Fowkes (Fowkes, as in cow, as in moo) and offered through the good folks at Laafa.  You can learn more about Nathan elsewhere, but let me take a moment to say that Nathan is the best art …

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Toon Boom Storyboard Pro 4 is here! Yay?

I was working onsite yesterday and got an email notification from Toon Boom announcing their new update to the successful and highly-lauded application, Storyboard Pro, now in version 4.  The email touts the many new features, the most significant of which are the new “bitmap drawing” tools.  You might be thinking “Don’t most drawing programs …

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