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Sport Chek “Determination”

Here’s a spot I worked on earlier this year- A Sport Chek commercial starring NHL player Sidney Crosby.  The premise is very straightforward- many slow motion shots of Sidney training hard in the gym, with the speed ramping up and building in intensity, and abruptly ending with tagline and logo lockup. I like working on …

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Qatar Foundation – Pitch

Behold, another set of pitch boards for a commercial that wasn’t awarded.  You might be thinking, “Wow, you had a bit of a losing streak, huh?” Actually I pull these samples arbitrarily from past work as it “ripens” for posting, so there really was no streak per se, but I think it’s also a learning …

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Here’s a sequence I boarded for a Valspar paint commercial, which we pitched, but alas, did not get.  What a shame, because I had a lot of good ideas and was able to clearly spell them out in my ‘animation’ here.  I dare say most other storyboard animatics don’t get quite to the level that …

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“Daddy, where does the internet come from?”

So, a while ago, I worked with a company that will remain nameless, to produce boards for a competitive pitch for a commercial for a cable company that shall remain nameless.  Why all the namelessness?  Well, in the end, we lost the pitch to a company that shall remain nameless.  So all the hard work …

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