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Defiants 4×4

Having worked on both, I never cease to marvel at how car commercials are strikingly similar to toy car commercials.  They seem to need all the same kinds of shots, and both refer to each other, because many toy cars are sold on their “realism” and many cars are marketed to adults craving fun and …

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Ultimate Fighter- NOS Pitch Boards

Just a quick one this week. Got a lot of stuff going on. So here we have some boards I did last year for a Ultimate Fighter/NOS tie-in.  Everyone knows that the secret to success is to drink as many energy drinks as possible, and UFC fighters are no exception.  And for that extra edge …

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Celebrity Apprentice / Walgreens Storyboards

Invariably, a career in commercial storyboarding will eventually involve drawing celebrities endorsing products.  Sometimes the celebrities not only endorse products, but also the retailers that the products are sold in, and even the charities that benefit from the sales of the products, and ultimately the show that features the celebrities that compete to benefit the …

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Pitch Boards – Living Social

Here’s some boards I did last year for one of my agency clients, presenting campaign ideas for Living Social, that cool company that sells discounted experiences to adventurous adults.  That’s the basic theme of these boards, to show people having fun doing things they wouldn’t normally do, like skeet shooting (for girls), painting nude models, …

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Kingsford Charcoal “Mother’s Day”

This week’s storyboard is from a Kingsford Charcoal commercial, aired around Mother’s Day in 2012.  It’s a humorous yet touching interaction between father and son as they discuss the merits of going the extra mile for Mom… vs slappin’ some meat on the grill and eating like Real Men.  Luckily, Mom’s down for steak too. …

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