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This was a cool sequence- here we attempted to tell the story of how the balance of wold power shifted in this fictional universe and fostered the rise of the fascist warmongers in South America (it’s a video game, folks, not CNN).  We open on a nuclear blast in the middle east- the fallout of […]

It’s awesome when the final product closely resembles the storyboards.  It clearly demonstrates success of the artist in his role as a visual storyteller.  In this side-by-side comparison, you can see my original boards on the left and the final screenshots on the right. In storyboarding this sequence, I first reviewed the script and thought […]

On November 5, Activision released CoD: Ghosts, the hotly anticipated successor to the Call of Duty franchise.  It’s set to make a bajillion dollars and influence untold impressionable young minds- and so I’m excited to share my small part in it. The summer months of 2013 were spent alongside my buddy Brian Yang, another Frameworks […]

I’m very excited to announce that 3 Minute Max, my graphic novel/webcomic, is now available for purchase in digital and print versions!  This first volume is the collection of chapters 1-3 and is about 98 pages.  Print versions are $20 and include shipping and taxes.  Digital versions are $5.99 and available via Kindle or Comixology […]