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Here’s a quick fun one- my clients needed shoot boards for a promo synergistically tying in the Tru TV series “Iguana Lick Towing” with Universal Pictures release “A Million Ways to Die in the West.”  It’s like two commercials in one- hey, at least it’s efficient! Nothing particularly remarkable about this job, other than the […]

Brain Games – Storyboards

Posted: 13th October 2014 by maxforward in :30, Animation, Celebrities, Humor, Males, Samples, Storyboarding, VFX

Brain Games is back!  And I storyboarded the promos for the second season.  These were some of the most challenging spots I’ve ever worked on.  Brain Games is a show about the fun quirks of our minds, and many episodes focus on various kinds of optical illusions.  Well, for this project, we were tasked with […]

I love doing car commercials- I feel like I draw cars well, and quickly.  Well, my speed was put to the test when I was called to board this commercial. These are “shoot boards,” meaning these are the last draft of the storyboards before shooting starts. Often they are hurried, and rough, because at the […]