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Seems like everyone’s always rushing around, late for something.  Hurry up!  Finish faster!  Boy, I hear a lot of that.  Just kidding, nobody’s faster than ol’ Maxi.  That’s why I was called to do this spot. They needed shoot boards ASAY (As Soon As Yesterday) and … well… frankly, we did this project so quickly, […]

Glade Storyboards

Posted: 20th April 2015 by maxforward in :30, B&W, Females, Nature, Samples, Shoot Boards, Sketch, Storyboarding, VFX

Just a quick one today- I can only take partial credit anyway, since I was mopping up for another artist who started the project but was not available to finish it.  Really though, they should have just called me in the first place! Maybe they needed a slower artist, to, I dunno, take his time […]

More NOS Storyboards…

Posted: 13th April 2015 by maxforward in :30, Action, B&W, Drink, Males, Samples, Sport, Storyboarding, Uncategorized

Man, I need to do some pushups or something, get back into fighting shape.  You may not believe this, but I coulda been a contender… What’s that?  You don’t believe it?  Well, moving on… Closest I’ll ever get to the ring, is drawing these MMA athletes for NOS energy drink commercials.  It’s just a few […]

Another fun awards-season spot.  Seems like I had a bunch this year.  This was a fun concept- highly stylized shots of woman’s night preparing to walk the red carpet- shot in reverse- so we reveal the secret to her glamorous beauty- Olay Regenerist face cream! This spot was highly developed by the director, a very […]