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Nutella – Spread the Happy

Posted: 21st December 2015 by maxforward in :30, B&W, Family, Food, Kids, Samples, Shoot Boards, Storyboarding, VFX

Here’s a fun quick one!  I boarded out this spot for my great clients at Brand New School– they do great work and are always involved in fun, whimsical, creative projects.  Nutella was no exception.  The concept was clear and well developed- and they had great designers on the project, so I was able to […]

So!  Another cool Apple commercial under my belt.  I really like doing these editorial-style commercials (the juxtaposition of the shots lead the viewer to form deeper associations even with seemingly unrelated visuals) and my good clients at Slim Pictures know the secret to booking ol’ Maxi: advance notice!  Most clients seem to be booking more […]

Birchbox: Better Way

Posted: 7th December 2015 by maxforward in :60, Apparel, B&W, Campy, Females, Humor, Internet, Pitch Boards, Samples, Storyboarding

We live in a pretty fascinating time- one needn’t even leave their home to shop for the rarified necessities!  The selection available to us online is infinite, and it’s up to operators like Birchbox to curate the best of the best and bring it to our doorsteps.  Meanwhile, the “old guard,” if you will, are […]