By maxforward

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If you like what you see and would be interested in booking me for a future project, please contact my agent, Jen Canal, at Frameworks-LA.


Phone: Jen @ Frameworks (323) 665-7736



  1. Hi, there, Cool Storyboarding topics here, wish the comments weren’t turned off so I could pick your brain a bit.

  2. maxforward says:

    Pick away, I’ve enabled comments for recent posts and probably for all new posts henceforth.

  3. Hi, do you give lessons in storyboarding? Would love to learn from someone in the field.
    I’m a graphic designer by profession but would love to try storyboarding for commercials, tv spots. Let me know! Thanks, Christina

  4. maxforward says:

    Hi Christina, I’m afraid I don’t have any plans to offer lessons in the near future. But I do feel I could offer more practical tips and advice for those who are starting out- I promise to try and post more about that in the near future.